WELCOME TO UTT-Project & Infrastructure Development Plc
The Development Partner You Can Trust

Core Values

To achieve its outlined Vision and Mission, UTT-PID is committed to and shall uphold the highest ethical practices in conducting its business. UTT-PID recognizes that the objective of all our operations is human development, and will therefore put people – both its staff and those on the client side - first in all its dealings to ensure delivery of a real difference in the people’s lives.

We shall endeavor to design products that address real challenges and gaps in the market, with the highest professional standards and quality to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers. Sustainability of our services will be ensured through cost effectiveness and competitive pricing of our services based on carefully selecting our stakeholders and by adopting a competitive performance based remuneration structure.

These are the values we hold dearly, knowing that “values-aligned” managers and employees will benefit the entire organization and our clientele by demonstrating predictable and favorable decision-making capabilities and behaviors. We are including these values in this plan, not only to serve a “compass” to influence and guide behavior of the UTT-PID, but also to inform the expectations of our clients and stakeholders. .


Who We Are?

UTT-Project and Infrastructure Development provides professional services including Rendering Consultancy Services, Funds Arrangement services, Appointment of Service Providers, Project Management Services, and Property Management Services.